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How We Discovered The Best Formula for Ceramic Coating!

When we initially began research and developing on the automotive industry, particularly in the detail segment. We opened a shop in Central Ohio and instantly became famous for our attention to detail and customer service. We became who we are by focusing on not packages but letting the customer tell us why they need a professional cleaning and what their goal is for the cleaning, soon enough we shifted into vehicle wraps, and our attention to detail shined in that category. As we exeled to grow our shop,it was time to focus on what a fine detail amd a timeless wrap needed. Ceramic Coatings, our main focus was the Automotive industry, but also marine, and aviation which is still an element of our business today. In 2021, we began reviewing all the opportunities and options within the surface protection industry realizing the scope and overall product opportunities were significant and consequently Ceramic Coating has quickly become our primary focus.
in Mid 2021, Shine My Ride began developing products which when correctly applied to Paint, Vinyl, Glass, Fiberglass. simply car boat glass , can restore the original paint finish making it look better than new. In addition, the ceramic coating that is the last step of the process, once applied, protects the surface making it super-hydrophobic, anti graffiti scratch resistant and resistant to UV damage.
Since that time, Shine My Ride has invested significantly in research and development. This has resulted in the current line of products, which through extensive field and independent laboratory testing, we are proud to say, we dominate the surface protection industry and we continue to Detail At The Finest Levels.  
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